Department of Zoology


Dr. G. M. Roushan Ullah

Dr. Muhammad Shah Alam

Dr. Abdul Maleque Bhouyain

Dr. Md. Abdul Gofur Khan

Dr. Badrul Amin Bhuiya

Dr. Mohammad Ali Azadi

I am engaged in teaching and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the Dept. of Zoology, University of Chittagong since 1980, as Lecturer (1980-‘84), Assistant Professor (1984-1992), Associate Professor (1992-1997)and Professor (1997-till now). Since 1980 I have supervised 73 M.S. (Thesis) students, seven M.Phil. , three Ph.D. students, and presently supervising three Ph.D. and two M.Phil. and one M.S. students for their thesis. Attended and presented research papers in more than 80 national and international (USA, China, UK, Canada, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand) seminars, symposiums and workshops.
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Dr. Munira Nasiruddin


Since 1984 I am engaged in teaching and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the Department of Zoology first as lecturer (1984-1987) and later on as Assistant Professor (1987-1993), Associate Professor (1993-1997) and Professor (1997 to till now). I have supervised 36 M.S. Thesis and 27 M.S. projects; one Ph.D., one M.Phil thesis students and presently supervising one Ph.D., one M.Phil.
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Dr. Baharul Hoque

Dr. M. Farid Ahsan

Benazir Ahmed

Dr. Mohammad Ismail Miah

Dr. Ghazi S. M. Asmat

Dr. Sawkat Ara Begum

Dr. Muhammad Habibur Rahman

Associate Professor

Md. Manzoorul Kibria

Assistant Professor

Mrs.Rasheda Chowdhury

SSC, H.S.C, B.SC(Hons) in Zoology(1st class 1st) (Limnology and Fisheries Biology) 1st class 1st. M.phil (Limnology and Fisheries Biology).

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Mr. Aftab Hossain

Mr. Jadab Kumar Biswas

Mr. Md. Abdul Wahed Chowdhury

M. A. Wahed Chowdhury graduated from the University of Chittagong in 2005. He worked on mammalian diversity and human impact on it as his first research for M.Sc. degree. After that he got interest on herpetology and evolution. Since then Mr. Chowdhury concentrated on amphibian acoustic and molecular quests. The pioneer research in Bangladesh on Bioacoustics and molecular analysis of frogs has been completed by him in 2010. Now he is working as a Lecturer on Zoology of the same institute.
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Mrs. Mahbuba Hasnat

Mr. Rajib Acharjee

Mrs. Sayeda Ismat Ara