Department of Zoology

About us

The Depertment of Zoology, University of Chittagong was established in1973 under the headship of Dr. Shafique Haider Chowdhury. The depertment was first housed on the western side of second floor of the Science Faculty Building sharing with the department of Botany which was also introduced in 1973. The first batch of students in the B.Sc (Honours) was admitted to this department in the same year. The Depertment offers specilization at the M.S., M.Phil.,and Ph.D levels in diffrent branches of zoology, viz., Fisheries, Entomology, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Parasitology and Environmental Biology.

The Depertment has produced more than 900 M.Sc. graduates in Freshwater Biology, Fisheries and Limnology and Wildlife Biology and a good number of M.Phil.and PhD. Every year and so on.

The Department of Zoology has elaborate programme for B.Sc. Honours, M.S. M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees to ensure the international standard. The B.Sc Honours course has designed a four-year long study based on theory and practical works. The one-year M.S. degree based either on course work and practical(group A) or, course work and research (group B).

There are 14 faculties chaired the Department of Zoology from the date of establishment, followed by Dr. Mohammad Ismail Miah from 29.9.2013 to date

The board of Honour

A reasonable rich “Seminar Library” is present in the Department. It contains 4000 books, 380 Scientific Journals and periodic, and regularly added dissertation submitted by M.S. students and M.Phi./Ph.D. researchers.

A museum, as rich house of 1500 specimens (from home and abroad) in glass jars, skeleton, stuffed animals and models. These specimens are used for teaching in class and student’s study. Moreover, a new insect museum holding references collections of representative insects of all groups has been established.